Win All Week 2013 Winner

I'm so happy to have won the Kindle Fire HD. I teach middle school students and anything technological gets them excited. I immediately downloaded a bunch of math games onto the Kindle and I have students using it every day.  It's a great addition to my classroom. Thanks so much! - Tory Tripp

Congratulations to Tory Tripp, the Win All Week Giveaway. Tory Tripp selected to win a Kindle Fire HD. Stay tuned to the Win All Week Newsletter for the web's best sweepstakes, and new winners all week long.

Target Gift Card Winner

On Tuesday, February 18th Joan Ducksworth Won a $10 Target Gift Card!

Thanks win all week... I won a Target gift card...Wow I am excited.... - Joan Ducksworth

Starbucks Gift Card

On Monday, February 17th Randall Bono Won a $10 Starbucks Gift Card!

e-mail says i won a starbucks gift card . THANK YOU. - Randall Bono

Walmart GIft Card Winner

On Saturday, February 15th John Malesky Won a $10 Walmart Gift Card!

Thanks! - John Malesky

Target Gift Card Winner

On Monday, January 20th Valri Brown Western Won a $10 Target Gift Card for writing the best review of and sharing her thoughts on featured sweepstakes. We love feedback from our fans, so be sure to connect with Win All Week on Facebook and Twitter!

"I write a lot of book reviews! Writing a review on a Facebook site can't be that hard, can it??? Let's see.....hmmm.... first of all, I want all that money up there in the profile pic! Ah, the good I could do with that! It's my dream to be a "secret santa" and go around finding people who have fallen on hard times & help them ... but I need go, this site is fantastic! I get a lot of email each day but I look forward to this one because I can see what I can win or enter each week." - Valri Brown Western.

iTunes Gift Card Winner

On Thursday, January 16th Michelle Sutcliffe won a $10 iTunes Gift Card at Congratulations Michelle! People really do Win All Week. Join our newsletter and enter to win a Kindle Fire HD, iPod Shuffle and Gift Cards all Week at

Thanks SO much Win All Week! Not only great sweepstakes but they also give back to the communities! How awesome is that? - Michelle Sutcliffe